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20' Refurbished Container


A 20' Refurbished Container is the optimal solution to purchasing a Shipping Container in "Like New" condition at an affordable price.  All of our refurbished units have been thoroughly inspected and repaired in accordance to the IICL Guidelines and by the rigorous OMEGA Repair System.    Contact us Today for more Details and Pictures! 

OMEGA Repair System - Refurbished Ct:
Step 1: Select -The container is selected by an Omega IICL Inspector based on overall Quality & deemed a Full Refurb unit.
Step 2: Blast -The container is taken to the S/Blaster to have any concerning oxidation areas Spot Blasted & Primed.
Step 3: Repair -The container is taken to the Shop to have all Repairs performed (Based on IICL Repair Guidelines & Specs).
Step 4: Blast -If needed, the container is then taken back to the s/blaster to Blast all Welded Areas.
Step 5: Prepare -The Gaskets, CSC & ID Plates and Identification Numbers on all sides are then Taped.
Step 6: Paint -Lastly, the container is Painted on the Interior and Exterior, Swept out and the Door Hinges are Oiled.

IICL Certified. Many in Stock! 

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